To book Dr. Miano, email him at and let him know what you are looking for.  

Frequently Asked Questions

In what ways can we use Dr. Miano at our next event?

  • Keynote speech
  • Lecture series
  • Break-out sessions
  • Moderator or facilitator
  • Panelist
  • Round-table discussions

Can a keynote presentation be tailored to our needs?

Absolutely! Dr. Miano collaborates with you to develop the most valuable program for your participants. Upon booking, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire in order to adapt the message. You can be assured that participants receive precisely what they need, delivered in a way that holds interest, generates enthusiasm and is memorable.

You’ve booked Dr. Miano. What happens next?

  • You will receive a speaking agreement.
  • Sign and return the agreement with 50% deposit to hold the date.
  • All fees are plus travel expenses (airfare, airport parking, hotel, ground transportation and meals as applicable).
  • You will receive a tailoring form in order for Dr. Miano to personalize his message to your group.
  • A few weeks prior to the event, Dr. Miano will call to finalize all the details.

What audio visual needs does Dr. Miano have?

Dr. Miano prefers a wireless lavaliere microphone. He also uses Powerpoint for his visuals, so he will require a laptop or pad on which to play the slides, and a projector with a screen for the audience to see.

How do you recommend we set up the room?

The back of the room can be lit, but make sure the area around the projector screen is dark enough to see the slides. If a spotlight is available, use it to illuminate the presenter so the audience can see him well.

A raised platform is recommended if you have more than 50 people. This will give audience members a clear, unobstructed view of Dr. Miano during his presentation.

Seat the audience as close to each other and as close to Dr. Miano as possible (six feet is ideal) with each chair facing the screen.

Do not use a center aisle (prime viewing space). Instead, use two smaller aisles on either side of the center and chevron the seats.

Stagger the chairs. Don’t put one chair directly behind the other. If you stagger each row, audience members won’t have someone’s head right in front of them to block the view.

It is recommended that you match the number of chairs to the number of people; keep extra chairs stacked up at the back of the room to avoid empty seats.

If you have agenda items lasting more than 30 minutes prior to Dr. Miano’s presentation, consider giving the audience a brief stretch break before introducing Dr. M.