Reigns of the Kings of Judah and Israel

Reigns of the Kings of Judah and Israel

In my book, Shadow on the Steps, I researched: 1) the manner in which the ancient Israelites viewed and kept time, 2) the chronology of ancient Israel (and therefore its history), 3) the sources from which the authors of the Hebrew Bible drew, and 4) the practice of scribes in the manuscript tradition of the Hebrew Bible from ancient to medieval times. In order to locate historical events in time, one must work with sources that measure time in their own peculiar manner. Thus an understanding of the chronography of these sources is crucial before events can be tied to known dates.

In my study of ancient Judahite and Israelite chronology in my book, I examined the Deuteronomic History (Joshua – 2 Kings), and presented evidence that the original version of this work contained a limited amount of chronological information and that a second edition added much more to the History and systematized its chronology. A comparison with extrabiblical synchronisms demonstrates that the figures from the original edition conform more closely to the data obtained from extrabiblical documents. That chronology, I argue, should be the basis of tentative dates for the reigns of the kings. These dates are as follows:

The Kings of Jerusalem

David (?)

Solomon (?-934)

Rehoboam (934-917)

Abijah (917-911)

Asa (911-870)

Jehoshaphat (870-848)

Jehoram (848-842)

Ahaziah (842-841)

Athaliah (841-836)

Jehoash (836-798)

Amaziah (798-782)

Azariah (782-742)

Jotham (742-740)

Ahaz (740-726)

Hezekiah (726-697)

Manasseh (697-642)

Amon (642-640)

Josiah (640-608)

Jehoahaz (608)

Jehoiakim (608-597)

Jehoiachin (597)

Zedekiah (597-586)


The Kings of Tirzah

Jeroboam I (934-910)

Nadab (910-909)

Baasha (909-892)

Elah (892-886)

Zimri (886)

Omri (886-880)


The Kings of Samaria

Omri (880-874)

Ahab (874-853)

Ahaziah (853-852)

Jehoram (852-841)

Jehu (841-814)

Jehoahaz (814-800)

Joash (800-796)

Jeroboam II (796-756)

Zechariah (756)

Shallum (755)

Menahem (755-743)

Pekahiah (743-742)

Pekah (742-729)

Hoshea (729-720)


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